Monday, March 15, 2010

Lovely Lemon Curd

Well I learned an important canning lesson over the weekend…
A few months ago I canned my first batch of lemon curd. I made a very small batch, checking and rechecking the steps as I went along, I figured that would create the best chance for success and I was dually rewarded, it was perfect! A couple weeks later, feeling rather cocky, I quickly made and canned a double batch…but, I forgot one key step…removing the air bubbles… I ended up with that weird space at the bottom of the jars. I was so disappointed! I went ahead and used this curd in a lemon tart and it looked and tasted great, but the consistency was a little less than. So last night, using the very last Meyer Lemons from my tree, I carefully created a double batch once again…remembering of course to run a spatula around the edge to remove the air…and voila! It is amazing to me that such a simple step can make such a big difference. It just doesn’t seem like it would be that important, especially since you are supposed to leave space at the top, but those air bubbles are really trapped and airspace at the bottom just isn’t very pretty. So ‘tip for the day’ don’t forget to remove the air bubbles!


  1. My Dear Dear amaze me! send me lemon curd!!!! I am so impressed with your passions and ability to follow your dreams!

    Hoorah to you!

  2. You are indeed a renaissance woman! You think you know someone, and then suddenly, there is a new talent revealed that was there all along. Hurray for you and those others who will taste the fruit of your accomplishments.