Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring Really is Springing

Spring really seems to be having a hard time here in Sacramento…now I realize I have only been here for 12 years and there is a lot of weather history I have missed, but even the folks who grew up here are crabbing! I mean, cold and rain as we approach the end of May! The possibility of Memorial Day being rained out! What’s up with that? We should be well into the 80’s by this point, shorts, cotton skirts and tee-shirts the fashion choice of the day! But no-o-o, Sunday I actually donned a fleece pull over and a light weight down vest to go to the farmers market – now I realize it is in a shady and often breezy spot that is often quite a bit cooler than the rest of the city but still…
Despite it all Mother Nature is pressing on. Being the persevering gal that she is, she is taking advantage of those little spots of sun to get things blooming! And I must say she is doing a darn good job! So this morning I took a little tour of our yard, which was still very wet from yesterday’s rain, to see just what is going on…

Well, the little dove family who cleverly laid eggs on the top of the fence holding up the wisteria – hey throw down a couple twigs and call it a nest – are none the worse for wear with all the dampness…the eggs didn’t fall off the fence and the babies are thriving – just goes to show, if your mother is sitting on you it is hard to move – since they are right in the middle of where we are every day they are pretty unfazed by picture taking…the blue-jays with their nest in the orange tree were a little more touchy, but now their teenaged young are driving their parents crazy by not staying in the nest and wandering around the yard.

My bush beans already have flowers, the sweet peas have exploded, one of my yellow roses went so crazy producing multiple blossoms on one stem that the stem actually broke! The tomatoes and the cucumber are starting their competition for space – guess I’d better get them under control before it’s too late -
and the basil, with the help of some industrial strength copper tape and ‘snail patrol’ have begun to thrive. The bees are exceedingly happy and the hive is really growing...could be enough honey to share by fall...  And oh yes, let’s not forget my goofy amaryllis that seems have a little synapse issue with the seasons – we just wish it Merry Christmas every time we go out the back door…

So I guess spring really is springing – even if I have to wear a parka to enjoy it!

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  1. your garden looks soooooo much better than mine!!! First, we needed sun.....NOW, we have TOO MUCH...97 today...whew